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Trail Survival Tips

3 Most Common Mistakes That Cause Injuries For New Trail Runners

´╗┐Injuries suck, there's no doubt about it. Not knowing where you're going, not taking enough fuel and generally not paying attention can land you in trouble. But even if you have all the safety boxes ticked, the 3 mistakes listed below can quickly lead to injury and end your trail running adventure before it starts! 1. Tensing Up Often, when we first start hitting the trails we are overly conscious of the injury risks that lurk around every meandering corner, down every steep hill and on every camouflaged tree root. While it's great to be aware of the hazards, this...

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Top 3 Trail Run Events for Beginners in Victoria

Most runners would agree that having an event to work towards is a great source of motivation as well as just a really fun and fulfilling way to spend some time. The longer trail run events can present some dangers to new trail runners so we've put together a list designed for beginners. Whether you're fairly new to running in general or maybe making the switch to trail running from road running, here's a list of beginner Trail Running Events in Victoria that will give you a great place to start. You Yangs Trail Running Festival (TrailsPlus Mountain Trail Series)...

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Trail Running Vs Road Running: Which is better?

Today we set out to answer the age old question, debated by runners since the time before Brooks. There were no compression tights and you can forget about Garmins but the multifaceted debate was already present throughout the land... Which is better, Trail Running or Road Running? While seemingly alike in many ways, they are worlds apart in others. We've put them head to head in four key areas to find out once and for all who the ultimate champion is. 1. Impact on Your Body Kicking things off we have perhaps the most fiercely debated point and that's the...

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What To Do if You Get Lost While Trail Running

Reading this article may save your life one day. Trail Running is a fantastic way to disconnect with the world and all of it's worries. There's no doubt that spending time in nature is good for the soul as well as the body. However, Trail Running is inherently more dangerous than Road Running and getting lost can quickly escalate from a confusing annoyance to a life-threatening disaster. Here's a quick 10 step plan if you ever find your self lost while out running trails: 1. Stay Calm This can definitely be easier said than done but making decisions or movements...

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How to Treat and Prevent a Snakebite While Trail Running

We are not trying to put you off trail running. Getting bitten by a snake is very unlikely but it is vital to know exactly what to do if a snake does bite you while out running. You may think you know what to do but as research has improved over the years, scientists have been able to give better treatment advice for snake bites. Snake Bite Treatment The goal here is "transport for evaluation". This means getting to a hospital as quickly and calmly as possible where you can receive anti-venom if needed. It may be hard but try...

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