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The Ultra-Lightweight Trail Survival Kit

Trail Survivor, the Ultra-Lightweight Trail Survival Kits, solves the problem for all trail runners looking for a survival kit that is small enough and light enough to take on your trail running adventures.

The Trail Survivor kit comes in a rugged, light-weight pouch, small enough to fit in a running belt or in the pocket of your shorts.

Our Ultra-Lightweight Trail Survival Kits contain a basic first aid kit as well as an emergency whistle and compass to ensure that, should the worst happen, you'll be fully prepared.
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What's in the kit?

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Weighing just 57 grams, you won't even notice it's there until you need it. The kit is packed with the essentials but it won't hinder your running.


Measuring just 13cm x 8cm, it easily slips in to any running belt or shorts pocket.

First Aid Essentials

Includes everything you need to clean & dress a wound, treat a blister, monitor a bite and more.

Signal for Help

Phones are great for calling help but the emergency whistle will alert nearby runners and hikers that you need assistance.

Emergency Navigation

Should you find yourself without GPS, the Mini-Compass can help guide you in the direction of safety.

Emergency Sun Protection

Conditions can change quickly and the 10ml of SPF 50+ Sunscreen will protect you from the burning sun.





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